West Shore school officials lift prom ban for cyber school student

Eleanor Lohry.jpg

An 18-year-old cyber charter school student barred from attending her senior prom will be allowed to go after all.

Eleanor Lohry picked up her tickets to the Cedar Cliff High School prom Friday after school officials called to let her know they’d reversed their original decision to keep her out of the event.

West Shore School District officials initially explained their position by saying they considered prom a social event, not an extracurricular activity.

Eleanor Lohry, a cyber school student who lives in Lemoyne, will attend Saturday’s Cedar Cliff High School Prom. At first, school officials told Lohry she wasn’t allowed to go.Submitted

State law requires public school systems to allow charter students living within district boundaries to participate in extracurricular activities provided they meet the same eligibility standards that apply to students enrolled in the public school district.  Read more