Charter Schools offer value, options

Like many parents, I have concerns about my children’s education. This isn’t an indictment of their teachers or school district. However, as an educator, I am astutely aware of the fact that people have different learning styles. What works for one of my students doesn’t always work for another.

Public schools have become highly bureaucratized and are not capable of adapting to individual children’s needs. While teachers are knowledgeable about learning, they often find that their hands are tied when it comes to making adaptations for a struggling student. Some children are diagnosed with a learning disability and qualify for “accommodations.” Within the public school, this individualized instruction can be expensive and school districts may be reluctant to provide it. Many students who would benefit from adaptations simply don’t qualify. Why not allow options and diversity? Let schools specialize in a particular approach and allow parents to determine which is best for their own child.

In higher education, we allow competition. Sometimes colleges fail. Yet, no one would argue that students should be forced to attend these universities to keep them afloat. We wouldn’t sacrifice the student to save the school. Why would we inflict that punishment on those in their more formative years? Read more…