ACTION ALERT: House Ed Committee Votes MONDAY!

The campaign to marginalize public school choice is advancing in the state House!

This Monday, the House Education Committee will hold hearings on proposals that threaten to slash funding for cyber schools. And cyber schools already receive only 81 percent of what traditional districts receive per student!

These drastic cuts will make it difficult—if not impossible—for cyber schools to compete. Indeed, many will be forced to close if funding is reduced.

Cyber schools are public charter schools that more than 32,000 Pennsylvania students have chosen as the school that best fits their needs. These children should not be treated as separate and unequal second-class citizens by shortchanging their education funding.

Tell Harrisburg you support reform that won’t cut cyber school funding!

  1. Click here to send your lawmakers a quick message.
  2. Call and email members of the House Education Committee. Contact information below:
Rep. Will Tallman Rep. Mark Gillen
Rep. Jim Christiana Rep. Seth Grove
Rep. Bernie O’Neill Rep. Mike Reese
Rep. Kathy Rapp Rep. Todd Rock
Rep. Ryan Aument Rep. Justin Simmons
Rep. Joe Emrick Rep. Dan Truitt
Rep. Harold English Rep. Steven Santarsiero
Rep. Mike Fleck Rep. Scott Conklin
Rep. Patrick Harkins Rep. Mark Longietti
Rep. Mike Carroll Rep. James Clay, Jr.
Rep. Erin Molchany Rep. Michael O’Brien
Rep. Jake Wheatley, Jr.

Thank you for joining the fight for school choice!