Legislative Updates

Several bills are under consideration in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that could either advance or significantly harm families’ right to choose a charter school for their children. Following are the PCPCS positions on each of the bills. To read a summary of the bill and access the entire bill, click on the bill number and sponsor.

Legislative Summaries


PCPCS Position: Oppose. Creates pension underfunding for charters and provides a double dip for districts. Maintaining status quo relative to PDE 363 deduction and eliminating the state PSERS reimbursement to charters is more equitable. Applies only to cyber charter schools.

SB 335

PCPCS Position: Oppose. This legislation is overreaching in its scope and vague in its terminology. Left undefined, the district will unilaterally define cyber programs thereby effectively transferring the decision from the parent to the district and destroying parental choice.