HB 934

Representative Roebuck

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Impact: All charter schools

Prime Sponsor: Representative James R. Roebuck Jr.

Summary: Comprehensive charter reform legislation that would create or require the following:

  • Create a funding commission that is not directed to look at equitable funding for all students, but rather to quantify how much money districts are paying for students in charter schools and how that impacts the districts.
  • Defines quality on the single criteria of AYP performance and requires charters to close if they do not meet AYP for three consecutive years.
  • Adds additional deductions that districts can take on the PDE Form 363 before paying charters.
  • Requires limitations on fund balances without addressing the issue that 70% of charter fund balances are required because districts refuse to pay charter schools.
  • Adds additional reporting and compliance requirements to a point where they would be almost double those required of school districts.

Many of these same items are in a bill introduced last session, HB 979.