Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your support throughout this past school year. The legislature has recessed for the summer months and will resume in September. Please continue to check the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools website,, to stay informed. When the legislature resumes in September, we will begin to post updates on this site.


Thank you again for joining our effort to preserve public school choice.


Yours truly,

Robert Fayfich

PCPCS Executive Director


40 thoughts on “Message from the Executive Director

  1. Please save our Cyber schools! All families deserve a choice of where they want to send their children to school.

  2. We need Charter s schools for some children who are above orbelow the normal everyday brick morter school. Not all children are cut from the same cookie cutter and need a different approach on learning… Chartering a child such my two children gives them the opertunity to learn at thier own pace. PLEASE I ask you to reconcider what we did not have as a kid whe we went to school and it seemed hopless and we failed..

  3. I have 2 children in cyber school I think it is a good choice. My one child has a learning disability and learns better by her self without all the stress in our home school. Hope you continue to provide cyber school to students who choose to be in it. I think it’s a great plan, my daughter did not get the help she needed in regular school.Thank You

  4. Pennsylvania is fortunate to have charter legislation that permits cyber schools. As a charter school developer in a state which did not permit cyber charters, I am keenly aware of the consequences. PA cannot afford to go backward by cutting funding for cyber schools at a time when this is a critical option for many students who are not able to succeed in brick and mortar settings.
    Please support bills that fund cyber schools at an appropriate level. To do less will only indicate a lack of understanding as to the importance of cyber schools.

  5. I can’t say in enough the value of a cyber school education to my son. He is a 14 year old with Aspergers’ Syndrome and ADHD and was in no way ready for the maturing culture expected in his school, nor was he making the progress required to move out into the world in just 4 short years. In just the month since we began cyber school my sons whole world has changed. He is engaged in the material he is learning, he is enjoying what he learns and feels like he finally is learning all he could ever want to have at a time. He is working hard and the days of 14 hour homework and tears all evening long are far behind us. He is learning so much more than he was going to a school building each day and is now seeing the learning in every aspect of his life. He can relate his lessons to his daily life. Something he never was able to feel was happening before. Now when he learns about something he can see where its place is in his world. Pa Cyber Charter school has changed his life, like it has the lives of so many other kids. I don’t even want to think about where he would be if it wasn’t for this opportunity. The local school had given up on him and Pa Cyber refused to accept that as a solution.

  6. Cyber school is a great educational option for my children. I would appreciate having this option every year for all of my children.

  7. My children attended Harrisburg City Schools and they were two grade levels behind before they started Pa cyber. now they are on there right grade level and are doing well. They and more confident in there school work.

  8. My child was a victim of bullying in her public school. Her attendance and grades declined due to that circumstance and I addressed school several times and received no help. This is why I have come to the decision to Cyber My daughter. I WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE IT YEARS AGO. She blossomed into a new person. She gets one on one help and communicates herself with director and teachers with any issues she may have. Cyber is a great thing. It would be a great tragedy if this option was not available to our children. I would be willing to fundraise or whatever the need is for my daughter to stay in Cyber and to help other cildren to have that same oppertunity. I have to add as well… people always frown on Cyber saying our kids need interaction with other children. My child as a bullied child was tortured everyday, That in my opinion is a greater loss to her as human being. She is getting a great education now and it has made her a more independant individual. Public schools have no handle on bullying and quite frankly do not take it serious. Especially when the parents are teachers of those children. I could go on forever. Keep our kids safe and Happy. KEEP CYBER ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am both a teacher and a parent of a chid at a charter school. I have taught in private, public and a public charter school. I have found the charter experience to be the best of the three as a professional teacher. The relationships and partnerships we establish within our school community make a tremendous difference for our students. I am amazed at the quality of education my daughter is getting through her enrollment at the charter school she is currently in. The charter school allows my daughter a level playing field for a quality education. I think it is horrible that kids get an education based on their parents real estate value. This system is unfair. The charter movement is an answer to this problem. Additionally, charter schools force competition on some public schools that have long underachieved. I am, and always will be a supporter of charter schools.

  10. The charter school is the best school I could have sent my child to. It speaks to his learning, education, athleticism, musical ability and the whole being of my child. I’m glad he’s in on.

  11. Please show me where I can go to familiarize myself with these bills? I feel silly because I do not know where to start looking. I will gladly write to the PA House, the PA Senate, and US House if necessary! 🙂

    I want to show my support for the past 11 years of phenomenal service the Renaissance Academy Charter School given to my children.

  12. Hi Nikki! Please check out the “Legislative Updates” menu at the top of this page. You will find brief summaries of the legislation. We also encourage you to visit your local representative!

  13. It’s a terrible shame that this state allows you to choose you electric supplier, your cable company and your cell phone carrier without a battle, yet you have to fight like hell to send your child to a legitimate school of choice. Cyber charter schools ARE public schools and ARE REAL schools. When will people understand and realize that? Stop taking away the funding for these amazing schools and let children learn the way they’re entitled to learn.

  14. Please do not cut the funding for Cyber schools. This is a needed service as not all children learn the same way. There needs to be alternatives for the children who do not flourish in the traditional class room. My son is doing so well in these classes and is challenged to excel because he is responsible for what he learns. This program is helping to prepare him for college as he is finding it a challenge that is more than preparing him for further education. To do away with this program would be a terrible mistake. Our oldest son graduated from this program and because of the great education he received he went on to study at Washington And Jefferson College and graduated in three years with a double major. He now works for Highmark and is perusing his graduate degree. .

  15. I think its horrible that anyone would think of doing away with our cyber school. My son loves it. Im a stay at home mom and I am anxiously awaiting elementary education approval For my 7 yr old going into 2nd grade!.. its the best education and best teachers my child could ever have. I think all children with able parents should be in cyber school. I would be happy to discuss any personal experience with anyone whos skeptical… everyone opposed is uneducated about cyber school…take a look at all the crap that is harmful in schools now days…think about it and not stupid political stuff… this is our children and future!!!! America is a free country!

  16. I love the charter schools, as parents we should have a choice where we want our children that we bore to have their education. I am grateful for cyber schools. In this day and time I fel comfortable, and at peace with my children being home. I am a at home mom, and I dare not put my children in any public school. I am of the islamic faith, and I cannot afford a muslim school at this time. my only other option is the homeschool programs. Please keep our school open, to benefit the children.

  17. I was also a child who had a terrible time in school. Teachers screamed at me, I couldn’t keep up. It shaped my entire life in school and I have never forgotten. So when I had my own children I swore that their experience with learning would be different! PA Leadership charter has given my kids the ability to learn at a great pace, and to learn all kinds of different things they never could have with regular brick and mortar schools. If we are suppose to be encouraging kids to learn then why are we trying to make it hard for them? It speaks to the terrible ignorance or our traditionally educated legislators! Think out side the box!!!! Let Charter schools be a natural part of our society!

  18. I am so disappointed in our government for trying to cut funds. Shame on every single one of the supporters! I have 4 sons. They are very different. One learns at a perfectly average level, another with Asperger’s, another with PTSD and another is highly intelligent. They are all brilliant and wonderful. Palcs has provided an option for my family that we desperately need. We have done public, home and cyber school. All have their benefits but not all children learn the same. I will do whatever it takes to protect my rights as a parent and my children’s right to learn. I can only hope that our government does the same. Our country is only as strong as the military and schools. Education is key to the success of each child as well as America!

  19. My son was struggling in school and my husband and I, as his parents were at our wits end, that is when we started him in cyber school. What a difference it has made. You tell us it is important that our kids get a good education and that is what we get. We would like to continue to see him strive. Don’t take that away from us. The Pennsylvania Carter School showed my son that learning didn’t have to be a struggle.

  20. Cyber school work best for Children with special need, because I have a child with special needs and he has made great progress because he is in a safe enviorment, his home. He is not under the pressure nor is he being bullyed. A special need child, needs special attention which is hard to get in a brick and boarder school. I thanks God for Cyber schools, it work. Please don’t cut the funding, special need children need it.

  21. My 5 year old daughter has trouble seeing due to a cataract she was born with. Being in front of a computer allows her to see better than if she was in a classroom. I fear of her being bullied because of her eyes. I attended cyber school for two years because I was being bullied. I suffered from depression and anxiety. I loved my cyber school! It allowed me to finish high school to get my diploma without the fear I had, when I had to go to a public school. I’m so thankful for cyber schools for allowing me to grow and look past things I had to go through! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save our cyber schools so my daughter can be all that she can be!!!

  22. The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School was the absolute best choice I have made as a parent, for my daughter!!!!!! She was having a lot of problems in public school and her grades were, shall we say, not so good. PALCS really helped her understand things a lot better and now she is a straight A student. The teachers and staff really communicate with and help out struggling students. Please don’t let them take this away!!!!!! Not only is the education and teachers wonderful, but having your child at home is less stressful. Knowing your child is safe and very happy is a wonderful thing!!!!

  23. Cyber School has helped me so much to catch up on my credits and I focus way more than I ever did in public or private school.I am actually gonna be graduating on time because of cyber school. I don’t have any distractions and I learn faster. It benefits me in so many ways and I know it will benefit many other students that can’t concentrate in public/private schools. I love Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School!

  24. We need legislation that encourages the support and growth of our Charter Schools! Schools such as the Bear Creek Community Charter School and the Fell Charter School continue to prove their committment to their student’s education has resulted in better trained individuals who have superior grades and a desire to serve their community as well!

  25. We have a special needs child that was unable to learn in 3 different schools. He attended Pa Leadership Charter school this year and he now has the ability to learn and retain information. With having such difficulties in learning, even in special education classes in public school, he was always given below grade level. Well PA Leadership has a team that works with my son and he has excelled in all areas, and even made the honor roll. So, he can learn with the right supports and taking his time. He works really hard and spends a lot of time on his lessons, however when it comes to remembering the information, he is able to. He in turn feels good about himself and the anxiety decreases over time.

    When a child is in a school setting, it is not possible to have the extra time. When kids are put in learning support, they are given work that is not up to their potential, because time is not allowed to be able to instruct over and over again until the child masters the skills. Therefore they are missing the foundation that they need to learn before moving on. I believe schools like Pa Leadership Charter school can help kids that have special needs succeed.

    It is not easy for either home facilitator( Parent ) or student, however it is very rewarding to know he is able to learn and master skills he never could in public school. I am bringing my daughter home next year too. Parents should have the right to be able to give their child the best education possible so that they can grow up and give back to the community.

  26. We need cyber schools because this is the last place for kids to go if they are getting bullied. If you take the cyber schools away think about how many kids will drop out or even kill themselves because no one will help them. Here is my story… I was in 10th grade when I came to cyber school it was the best thing I ever did. My grades were higher and the teachers were always nice and there for you. If I wouldn’t of came to cyber school I might have dropped out of even killed myself because no one was there for me when I needed their help. So looking at this there are a lot of other kids out there that go through the same thing. Bully is not okay and cyber schools teach us about that but in a high school around you they don’t say anything about it and they never want to help the kid who is getting bullied. So please take time to realize that it’s a good thing to have cyber schools.

  27. Online schools like these have made my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer a reality, while giving me a sturdy education!!!!!!

  28. I second every single reason why our Charter Educational Choice is SOOO
    important. My son’s entire life and future has been gifted because of the teachers and safe environment our choice has given him. There is not enough thanks to our teachers with our Pennsylvania Leadership Charter

  29. I love my cyber charter public school. My son has been on the honor roll for two years and counting. I am looking forward to sending his brother as soon as he is school age. I love the fact that I get to choose/create the environment my children are learning and developing in. I pray these school stay around for a very long time.

  30. On Tues June 4th, I sent the email to Representative Longettti. He responded promptly telling me that he voted NO on House Bill 618. He also informed me that the bill pasted w/ a vote of 13 to 12.

    Re: Stop HB 618 and HB 980!
    Hide Details


    Longietti, Mark



    Tanya, thank you for your detailed e-mail. I voted NO on House Bill 618 in the Education Committee meeting on Monday, Interestingly, the bill passed by a vote of 13 to 12 in committee on the strength of Republican votes, some of whom have stated they support cyber charter schools. Mark Longietti.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Tanya Patterson []
    Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 09:39 AM Eastern Standard Time
    To: Longietti, Mark
    Subject: Stop HB 618 and HB 980!

  31. Please don’t cut funding for cyber school. It helps my daughter get her education even though she has health problem and dr spots during the day. Also it’s safer with all the shootings in the school, I don’t have to worry about her being killed or kidnapped at school or on the way there . There also no bullying or picking on due to life styles, finically reasons, etc. my daughter can be comfortable in wearing what she wants and not picked on. I would like to see in the future all students go to cyber school. It will save on taxes, it’s flexible , safer. Cyber school has clubs, groups, sports& field trips. I feel that the cyber school mentor, and teachers are more personal with the students as far as education , they leave you know when there not doing what they need to or if there struggling also they touch base with the students, these are things that home school did not do also I like the help classes they offer

  32. I’ve only been in PA cyber since September 2012 and I already love it. My normal school was too boring, and was never fast enough for me, often leaving me with nothing to do. I have depression, and the only way I know how to deal with it is to be productive, and PA Cyber allows me to do that. Without the freedom to participate in any class at any time as at a pace that I like, holding back depression would be difficult, as it was in my Public school. I know that my problems are not nearly as bad as others, but I am very appreciative of the oppurtunities that PA Cyber has given me and many other fellow students across the state.

  33. Parents should have the right to choose how they want their child educated. My children were bullied , to the point were they hated to go to school. Lack of discipline runs in a lot of public schools. Their grades started to drop because of what was going on. I decided to withdraw them and enroll in PA Cyber Charter School. My children are happy, stress free and free from bullies . Their grades have been the best ever. What would you want to take this away from a child that is excelling and happy. And special education has taken enough cuts also in the public school, lack of aides and support! Having a child with a IEP, we could not be happier . I feel he gets everything he needs in PA Cyber and more ! Having a child with Autism, they DO NOT need to be bullied or made fun of.

  34. My son is a cyber school student. He has never been a great student. But now in with CCA his grades are up. No bulling and he is happy about school. Please keep the the charter schools the way they are. I love this way of learning better then the brick and morter schools.

  35. I, like many other parents, believe that cyber school is a wonderful opportunity & should continue to be an option. But my 3rd & 5th grader will also tell you that it is their favorite way to learn. They have both attended brick & mortar schools & cyber school has been more enjoyable for them & their grades prove that!!

  36. I oppose the closing of cyber school. My children have learned more this past year at home than they would in two years at the local school!

  37. I can’t say enough good things about the cyber school system. When my granddaughter was in the second grade, all of a sudden, she became upset about going to school. The teacher and principal said she was throwing tantrums and refusing to go into her classroom. This went on day after day after day. School started at 8:00. By 8:30 my phone was ringing telling me to come pick her up from school. She would be continuously disruptive. I tried to work with the teacher and principal, but mostly I got in so many words, that she just needed to behave and that her wanting to talk to me in the middle of the day wasn’t acceptable. Her mother has not been in her life almost since birth, so, since she spends most of her time with me, I was who she needed to comfort her. They tried to tell me that I shouldn’t be allowing her to spend time with me if she couldn’t behave in school. How dare they tell me to not pay any attention to my granddaughter. In her heart, I am her ‘mother’! The one who comforts and is always there for her. One day she refused to go into the school and the principal found her (at 7 years old no less!) trying to flag down a bus to take her to my house! I contacted her pediatrician, who spoke with her, and her findings were ..that she was being bullied at school! Although my granddaughter denied it (afraid to be a tattletale). We started therapy once a week, we had a wrap around worker to help at school. We even were given a behavior specialist who saw her once a week. After many meetings with the school teacher, principal and guidance counselor, who by this time were thoroughly tired of the whole deal, still had no idea what was going on. As I told them, ‘how do we know that someone is molesting her in the bathroom or something equally as bad?” But, they were done with it! She was suspended from school several times because she wouldn’t go to class. She was found sitting underneath a table in the cafeteria during breakfast. Of course, she was in trouble for that and I was called. Finally one afternoon, sitting on my lap, her head on my shoulder, with tears in her eyes, telling me, “Gramma, I don’t have any friends. They say they don’t like me and won’t talk to me or let me walk beside them in school. In the cafeteria, the reason she was sitting under the table was in her words, “The girl sitting at the table told me not to sit with her! I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I crawled under the table so she didn’t have to see me!” My heart broke. Our therapist had come up with all kinds of things that could be done to help in school. One was that we were to make up some Phone Call passes. Once a day, when she felt she was getting upset, she was to be allowed to hand in the phone pass and to be able to call me and talk for 5 minutes to help her settle down. She tried to use it several times, but each time was told in the office that the kids weren’t allowed to use the telephone! Of course, then I would get a call to come get her! It breaks your heart to send a child off to school every day who is so hurt and miserable there. I was physically sick each and every day! Finally, I met a lady who was homeschooling her daughter. I contacted the cyber school and we enrolled her in the middle of the school year. She is now going to 4th grade and has done excellent with the cyber school. It has been a blessing! She had such separation anxiety from me during school, that I couldn’t leave her for a minute for the longest time. Today, that has changed and she feels safe even if I’m away from her for a bit. The Brick and Mortar Schools have no idea how to deal with bullying!! Furthermore, they don’t seem to care to figure it out neither. They all say their schools are a Zero Tolerance Bullying System! Anyone can say it, but they certainly have no idea how to back it up! If the funding is cut and we can no longer cyber school our children, how many will be lost? How many children will grow up with social problems because they were made to feel so unacceptable and unlikeable for all their school years. It goes way past being the last one picked for the dodgeball game. it will affect them their whole lives! Further more, how does a child who feels so emotionally sick be able to pay attention in class in order to learn anything, when her mind is occupied on how to get away from these people who hurt her????” They can’t. Besides, today the school wants more money, but keep doing less. Since when is it not important to learn how to write in cursive?? They just stopped just like that! So now “Johnny not only can’t read, he can’t write neither!

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